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Earth from spaceEnormous extinction of life forms is due to present technologies. The industrial revolution greatly contributed to the destructive changes to the environment.  There have been enormous changes in our environment due to the present technology we use today.


Our present technology generates the following destructive forces to our environment:

  1. Atomic energy wastes lasting hundreds to thousands of years.
  2. Combustion of toxic coal that emits toxic green house gases, producing acid rain, toxic ash, and the acidification of our oceans.
  3. toxic wasteDrilling into the tar sands to produce gas and oil requires massive amounts of fresh water, sand, and chemicals.  The highly contaminated toxic water and gases are hazardous to our environment.
  4. Gasification of toxic coal does not eliminate the toxic pollutants from our environment.
  5. Landfills contain toxic waste and organic materials.  These landfills are lined with plastic which will only last 50-100 years.  When this plastic breaks down, toxic contamination of our ground water and the soil will occur.  There is no permanent containment of the toxic substances in these landfills.

Vernon Trigger’s transition unit to detoxify coal into a new source of clean energy is an extension of Einstein’s Grand Theory of Relativity and Tesla’s ability to understand and utilize the free energy of Earth.



Vernon TriggerThe unit is a replica of nature’s transistors (volcanoes, spouts, and pipes) that simultaneously and continually change toxic substances into non-toxic, environmentally beneficial substances.  The transition unit is energized by the electromagnetic energy within and surrounding earth.  The process is non-invasive and requires no outside power sources. Our purpose is to provide industry with this new technology to reverse toxic contamination of our planet.

Summary for the reversal of toxic contamination of our planet:

  1. Utilize Vernon Trigger’s transition technology to produce clean energy and reverse toxic global warming.
  2. Eliminate the production of toxic green house gases.
  3. Encourage world wide reforestation.
  4. Regulate the clear cutting lumber industry.  Encourage selective lumbering to avoid erosion, the destruction of the soil, and water sheds.
  5. Protect coral reefs from sewage, agricultural runoff, sediment, and coastal development.
  6. Protect the wet lands.

clean energyVernon Trigger’s transition technology is innovative, revolutionary, low cost, highly efficient, and a reliable means to detoxify dirty coal.  The ability to use Vernon Trigger’s technology will produce a potential direct savings to the utilities of about $14 billion per year.  If you factor in tax credits, total savings may be in excess of $45 billion per year.  This may result in a reduction of about 35-40% in the cost of energy to the consumer.  The cost to retrofit the transition unit system into each existing 600 mega watt coal fired utility is about $15-$25 million. 


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